Jiangxi Industry and Trade and Procurement of the Sixth National College Student Art Exhibition Event Excellent Organization

Recently, the sixth college students’ art show in Chengdu has been held in Chengdu. Jiangxi Industrial Trade Vocational and Technical College won the "Excellent Organization 上海新茶嫩茶论坛 Award". In the provincial stage, the party committee attached great importance to it, actively formulating the implementation plan of participating activities, coordinated by the college group committee, closely preparing the event preparation. The members of the college students and the guiding teachers gave up all the rest time, they all went all out, and 5 works were carefully created to participate in three 上海品茶高端qq categories of exhibitions, fully demonstrated the good spiritual state of the industrial and trade and teachings and enthusiasm. The college has always attached great importance to the aesthetic education, integrating the education of the aesthetic education into the training of students, and continuously enhancing the comprehensive literacy of students’ art, humanities, and aesthetics. This exhibition is an important action for the College in-depth promotion of party history and education and artistic practice. It is an important measure to continue to strengthen the aesthetic education. It can be awarded this award, fully demonstrating the overall strength of the college strengthening the staged results and artistic education in the new era of aesthetic education, highlighting the latest achievements of the College Aesthetic Practice Education. It is reported that the national college student art show will hold a three years, which is the highest standard in my country, the largest, large-scale, and most influential college students’ art event.

The current college students ‘art prevention activities are divided into four major categories: the four major categories: the four major categories: the four categories: artistic performance, college students’ art practice workshops, artistic works and college fitness education reform and innovation. (Zhang Fan) (Editor: Rona, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.


Jiangsu recent weather Keywords: "Qing" + "dry"

Original title: Recent weather Key words: "Qing" + "Dry" Yangzi Evening News (Reporter Yu Dan) The weather began to "copy the paste" mode, the temperature all 上海美女桑拿按摩网 the way "噌噌 噌" rose. In the next three days, the province is sustained, and the temperature changes are stable. This weekend Nanjing and other places have reached 18 ° C to 19 ° C, but the temperature is still sluggish in the morning and evening, the lowest is still near 5 ° C, the temperature difference between day and night, pay attention to add clothes in time, beware of cold. After the cold air is transit, the big blue sky in the deep autumn is also given us. In the season of dressing, the highest temperature in Nanjing yesterday has reached 17 ° C to 18 ° C, but the lowest temperature in the early morning is only 4 ° C to 5 ° C.

In the future, the weather keyword is still "sunny" and "dry". Please pay attention to the safety of fire, but also pay attention to the water! Recently, Jiangsu weather has changed, the lowest temperature: Huaibei area 0 ~ 3 ° C, other regions 4 ~ 7 ° C, the highest temperature: 15 ~ 16 ° C in Huaibei area, other regions 17 ~ 18 ° C, the river and frost or frost in the north area . According to the analysis of the Jiangsu Climate Center, nearly 1 month (from October 11th, 2021), the average temperature in Huaibei area ° C, Jianghuai ° C, Southern ° C; Compared with the same period of the year, Huaibei area Extremely low ° C, the bias between the river is low ° C, and the Southern South is low ° C.

It is expected that November 21 to December 10th this year, the average temperature in most parts of the province is less than 0 to 1 ° C from all year round, of which some areas of the 上海698水磨 Southern Southern areas are from 0 to 1 ° C.

Extremely lowest temperatures Huaibei -7 ~ -4 ° C, other regions – 4 to -1 ° C.

There are 3 cooling processes in the province, and the time period is: in the late November, in late November and in advance of early December. Recently, Nanjing weather: Today is sunny to cloudy, southwest wind 3 to 4, 5 ° C to 17 ° C; tomorrow is sunny to cloudy, southwest wind 3 to 4, 5 ° C to 18 ° C; daily sunny to cloudy, southwest wind 3 to 4 Level, 6 ° C to 19 ° C. (Editor: Xiao Yu, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.


Jiangsu held a 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

Zhang Aijun pointed 闵行区哪个路油压多 out that the party’s history is the best textbook is also the best nutrient. It is the spiritual source of never depletion.

The study summarizes the brilliant history of the party, inheriting the successful experience of the party, must be guided by the general discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping, adheres to the correct value orientation, ideological line, research method and practice pointing, firmly establishing the right party history.

In-depth study of the party’s 100-year history, must summarize the valuable experience of the party in various periods, inheriting, good, and continuously draw the wisdom and strength of the continued advancement from the history of the 100-year party. Zhang Aijun emphasized that the province’s social department must be more effective in promoting ideological theory 爱上海后花园龙凤论坛 construction, and comprehensively strengthen the theoretical learning propaganda, study and explain all work, better for the new journey, and write a new chapter to provide 上海sn论坛 theoretical leading and intelligence support.

"Reform Pioneer" "The most beautiful struggle", the former vice chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, and Chairman of the Provincial Department of Social Sciences attended the meeting. Guo Guang, Secretary, Southeast University, Guo Guangyin, Central Party History and Literature Research Institute Make the main point of speech.

(Jiangsu Radio and Television Headquarters, Journalist Liu Chengwu, Cao Peng, Guo Yi Report) (This news copyright belongs to Jiangsu Radio and TV Station, please indicate the source) (Editor: Zhang Wei, Tang Wei).


Japanese media editorial: Japan should walk soft power

On November 11th, Japan’s "Daily News" issued editorial "Japan should walk soft power to the road", the full text is as follows: US, China, Russia’s big country game is shaking the world, and the new crown epidemic is spread and makes the country The importance of cooperation is unprecedented.

In the era of uncertainty, what role is in Japan? From the Japanese Prime Minister, the field of Suding, I can’t see this plan.

Japan established the status of an economic power at the end of the 上海静安水磨会所 20th century. Since then, the direction of Japan in the world is unfained, with the wave flows. The science and technology landing, acting as a new national goal of aid aid to disappear shortly.

It is now concerned about China’s technical strength and economic assistance. It is necessary to re-determine the national planning of Japan. Based on the peace, promote the Japanese Japan, and pursue the route of the people. The government’s focus from the public is a state, and it is a thing after entering the 21st century.

Among the House elections just ended, the self-owned party puts forward that the defense funds account for more than 2% of the total value of 上海虹口区油压资源 GDP, and cancels the limitations of this accounting within 1%. At present, if the defense funds are doubled, Japan will become the third largest military 上海千花贵族宝贝 strong country in the United States, China.

Is it a target? Is it a way? .

White,Just take this kind of thing(qíng)Come kidding,Those who deliberately made it difficult to get in。

it’s good now,It is clear,Nothing,Can’t do anything,I can only look at Huang Lei honestly,Count him through。
She let go,Let Huang Lei in,Still whispering in my heart,This is fine,But it’s fine after thinking about it,Anyway this kind of thing(qíng)Nothing good,Doesn’t matter。
Some time to play with each other,I don’t care what happens at this time,He really doesn’t care much about this aspect(qíng)。
that’s it,Huang Lei and Niu went in,Niu looked at Huang Lei curiously,Ask him how do you know the answer,As a result, Huang Lei spread his hands and said he didn’t know,Just guessing。
He is even more curious when he is such a girl,Absolutely impossible,So it’s all over?
Zheng Li is notoriously tricky,How could it be passed by him in a few words,But then I think about it.。
This kind of thing(qíng)It seems nothing good,It’s enough for Zheng Li to stop making things difficult for them,As for other things,And one more thing(qíng),This is just the beginning,There will be more things next(qíng)occur,This has to make the girl continue to worry,At the same time, he told Huang Lei to be careful and careful。
But after entering the bar,(qíng)The situation is much better than they thought,Not noisy(rè)Make trouble,Not much other things(qíng)Everything happened seems so normal,So quiet,Bars are not like bars,inside(qíng)Relatively pleasant,Everyone should be busy,Play,Play their own,In twos and threes。
Generally, the light must be chaotic in bars,How else can I create this atmosphere?
But this bar is different,No confusion here,Looks very comfortable,It is obvious from this point,This place is completely different from what they knew before,And for this, Huang Lei didn’t have much,Like including girls。
Anyway,this matter(qíng)There must be a problem,Otherwise just wait and see。
Originally, the two of them were already healed before then,Must go together,So no matter what happens next(qíng),They can all relate to each other,Can make bad things(qíng)Get better,Can also make things(qíng)Made easier。
Just a lot of things(qíng)I can’t help them think,It’s like Niu met many old friends,These good friends ask her,Niu is not good to refuse?I can only chat with these friends in the end,words。
Huang Lei was together when he first started,It’s just that from time to time those best friends will look at him with weird eyes,On the contrary, it makes Huang Lei very uncomfortable,In the end, Huang Lei found a reason and left。
He just doesn’t like this feeling,It’s okay to be alone,The next time will naturally become Huang Lei’s own。
Huang Lei had his own,Naughty,Play their own。
just,Niu knows a lot of people,She had fun。
But Huang Lei doesn’t know anyone here,The only one who knows Chen Guanlin and Xu Shan,It’s just that those two guys seem to be(tǐng)busy,Constantly greeted the guests,What’s more, there are Zheng Li and Xu Qin,Huang Lei is not stupid enough to provoke them at this time。
Huang Lei hasn’t forgotten that he was also one of the targets caught tonight,How could those guys let him go。

Last night Xu Xuan trained alone until three in the morning?!

Hibbert sorted out the news he heard in his head,Then came to this conclusion。
but.This is crazy too?
How can it be so crazy?
Where is training,It’s totally desperate!
At this moment,The Pacers players who arrived at the arena one after another also knew about Xu Xuan’s feat.。
West and others looked at each other,All looks incredible。
“Three o’clock in the morning?yesterday I.It seems that I only fell asleep at three in the morning.”
“what?You trained yesterday?”
“Don’t believe him,They train in the arena,This guy is on.”
In the morning9Half past one,When Xu Xuan walked into the arena full of energy,Everyone was shocked。
“This pervert doesn’t even yawn?”
“Is he a cow?”
Saw everyone not talking,Instead, they look at themselves like national treasures。
Xu Xuan touched his head unconsciously,“what,I had an accident with my hairstyle today?”

“First of all,Send a ninja card from the deck to the graveyard,The ninja school on my field·Uchiha belt soil rose from three stars to four stars,then,Activate the ninja effect I just sent to the graveyard,This is also the ninja sealed by you!”

“Anbe·Uchiha Shisui!Effect launch,When this card exists in the graveyard,Special summon a four-star or less ninja with Uchiha Itachi font from the deck or hand to the field,I chose to summon the ninja school·Uchiha Itachi!of course,For this I have to pay a thousand points of life,but,In order to summon the final card,Everything is worth it!”
“then,Ninja School·Uchiha Itachi effect is activated,When this card is on the field,Special call for a toddler·A derivative of Uchiha Sasuke!”
I’m wrapped up and still can’t even speak, infant Sasuke,With zero attack power,Zero defense,An ineffective posture appeared on the field。
“Worthy of being a blogger,Three ninjas were summoned in one turn!”
Tian Dou said in surprise。
“Not over yet!Send three ninjas on the field to the graveyard at the same time as materials,Special Summon Uchiha from the Extra Deck!Uchiha Tomitake!”
“Uchiha Tomitake,It is necessary to have Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke,And a ninja that can be specially summoned when a four-star ninja with Uchiha font is used as the material at the same time!”
“Uchiha Tomitake,Effect launch!”
“Remove a ninja from the game,Draw three cards from the deck and send them to the graveyard,Each of them has a ninja with the words Uchiha,I can draw a card from the deck。”
“There are two,So i draw two cards!”
“Write round eye reward,Effect launch,Unless destroyed by effect,Otherwise this card will permanently exist on the field,Every time a Uchiha Ninja remove game from the graveyard,You can draw a card from the deck。”
“Remove the remaining two ninjas used as materials for Futake Summon from the game,I draw two cards from the deck。”
“Uchiha Tomitake,Effect launch!When all the fusion materials used as this card are removed from the game,You can add a kaleidoscope writing wheel from the deck to the hand card。”
“then,Activate the effect of another card I just drawn,Uchiha Recruitment!Unless destroyed by effect,Otherwise this card will permanently exist on the field,Turn all ninjas on the field into ninjas with Uchiha words。”
“Then start the field,Uchiha Cemetery!All the destroyed ninjas with Uchiha,And all the Uchiha Ninjas excluded from the game return to their graves!”
“In addition,That one was sealed by your ninja effect,Card sent to the cemetery,Do you remember?”

this one,Simply impossible。

Lin Yu, someone who has just cultivated,How can I have an enemy?
and so,that’s,The reason why everyone is so excited。
“Let’s go first。”
“This sword,Maybe many people,Want to snatch。”
Brother 2 got the sword,Even think about it,Just speak。
“it is good,In this case,Then let’s leave now。”
The remaining people,Also agreed with the second brother。
“Head of the Shenfeng Sect,We still have something,Don’t stay。”
A disciple of the best sword。
The people who saw this Tianlong Pavilion leave,Found an excuse,Leave quickly。
“We have something too,Not much stay,Thank you。”
Another school,Also followed。
Brush up!!!Multiple schools,See other schools leave。

Memory is also rising。

Basically these products that Huaxia cannot produce independently for the time being,All have risen differently。
“CPUIt’s really rising!”Wang Yufei sighed。
“Maybe the price of sand on the earth has risen?”Lu Yuxin shrugged,Teased。
This is naturally a joke。
althoughCPUMain material is silicon,The sand contains silicon dioxide,Intel productionCPURaw material wafer,Is indeed extracted from the sand,But Intel is absolutely impossible to let the sand truck enterCPUProduction park……
“Maybe Intel decided to sell to ChinaCPUAll the sand from the moon is used for production!”Wang Yufei smiled and replied。
This is actually something that makes Wang Yufei very angry,Because he is preparing to buy a batch of computers and servers in the name of Changxiang Technology,Build a laboratory。
CPUDrive the collective price increase of all hardware,Means that the laboratory needs to pay higher costs。
If it is a global rise,Understandable,Only increase prices for products sold in China,This is a bit of suspicion of bullying。
Whether rich or not,No one wants to be taken advantage of somehow。
And there must be a demon if something goes wrong。
Thought for a while,Wang Yufei walked outside the classroom with his mobile phone。
“Go call Professor Gao?”Lu Yuxin asked。
Wang Yufei nodded。
Just use your mobile phone to go online in the classroom,Wang Yufei still can’t do such things openly。
After all, the Office of Academic Affairs’ denial of electronic products into the classroom is still in progress。
Looking for a teacher to get permission to bring a mobile phone into the classroom is not to show off,But for business,But he wants to know what happened。
Came to the corner of an empty corridor,Wang Yufei dialed Gao Deyuan’s phone。

Su Luo smiled and rubbed the little girl’s head,then,There’s no after that。</p>

He forgot that his hands are muddy,And now Zifeng’s hair is also muddy,Su Luo forced to calm the road:“All right,All spread out to find eel,Remember what i just said,It’s definitely not difficult to catch eel。”</p>
Su Luo also searched in the quagmire,Not long after,I saw a thing with teeth and claws in the mud。</p>
A crayfish waving big tongs,When in danger,The deadly killer is two big pliers。</p>
Caught people,It’s going to be painful,But subdue it,Can’t trouble Su Luo,Start directly from behind。</p>
Pinch both sides of its back,Lobster’s tongs,Can’t rotate without dead ends,Throw into the fish basket,Put the lid on to prevent this little thing from running out。</p>
Then continue to search for stalls,And the girls,It’s also a character explosion,Caught two in a row,They were dug by Zifeng and Zhu Xudan.。</p>
Only Fat Di has nothing,A little unhappy,More attentively to search for the eel。</p>
almost,I caught five or six unagi,I got a lot of crayfish,Should be enough。</p>
Su Luo glanced into the distance,Girl Di who is still concentrating on searching,A crooked idea suddenly popped up。</p>
Walked over with a serious face,Looked at her and said:“do not move,There is something on your face。”</p>
Reba a listen,Hurriedly straightened up,Asked nervously:“What’s wrong with my face?”</p>
For girls,Nothing,More important than face and body,Su Luodao:“Don’t move,I will help you get it away。”</p>
Su Luo looked serious and serious,Fat Di didn’t think much,Let Su Luo stretch out his claws。</p>
Su Luo first drew two eye sockets with mud,Then when I draw the nose down,Reba noticed something was wrong。</p>
Because she was injured and muddy,So I rolled up my sleeves,I touched my face with my arm,Then all mud。</p>
Fat Di realized that he was fooled,Angrily with teeth and claws rushed over,And this time,Su Luo already escaped。</p>