Lines,Actually it’s not particularly difficult for others,The most difficult is Liu Sanmei,Duet from the front,Fighting against the landlord in the middle,In the later period, he died in love with Aniu。

Zhou Qingxue said:“I wrote the script myself,I shouldn’t have a big problem with lines or something,Just now everyone practiced the plot,I felt it was pretty good,Next, we need to think about each scene,Everyone can express their opinions,Use your own ingenuity,See how to make the drama more perfect!” Everyone thought in silence for a while,Jiang Lumeng said:“Minister Zhou,Just acted according to […]

Shen Zhiyue raised his eyes:“Why do you feel that you can’t beat others?Do you think your acting skills are not good?”

Lu Shanshan does not deny,Nod directly:“Yes,I feel that I am far from others。Actually, Brother Liang deliberately asked me to change roles with him,Actually it’s not necessary to change,Just want people to see,How bad i am,Sorry,Yue Ge,Shame you。” Shen Zhiyue frowned:“You let Brother Liang press on your head,How will you make a good movie next。” Lu Shanshan shook her head:“Is not,I […]

Lu Ban can’t stand the look in his eyes,Looked back at the dark and damp stairs,It seems that it is safer to go in。

Being handsome can be troublesome sometimes。 Entered the second floor,I suddenly felt that this is indeed a place for performances。 Performance stage,Audience seat,Neat and tidy,Even every stool,Every floor is polished brightly。 Director Liang wants to go backstage。 It’s a pity to be stopped by a woman。 “I am looking for Gaoshan。” “Sorry,People who come here are looking for Gaoshan,I’m still […]

Xu Sheng, who was sitting on the sidelines, slowly turned around,Then take a step,The figure goes farther and farther……

“If Uncle Hao,If you can do it……” After Xu Sheng left,Tang Hao Affected by Old Diseases,Weak body was forced to squat down,The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand disappeared…… He stretched out his hand to cover his painful chest tightly…… …… Maybe he can only be equal to Tang Hao now…… But next time I meet,Tang Hao alone,There will be […]

Tang Chen responded quickly,Four gates with ghost faces sculpted from the ground。

Ghost Douluo casually kill,It’s already weak just by breaking the two seats。 “What the hell?” Seeing that his attack is blocked,Ghost Douluo’s pupils shrank suddenly。 Even if you are free,thats right95Class Title Douluo’s Attack。 By a 13-year-old child,Blocked so easily。 “Kind of doorway,Look at my soul skills.” “Ghost Elder,What do you want to do?Attacking the Prince of the Heaven Dou […]

Intermission is15minute。

While the cheerleaders are dancing,The commentary is also very lively。 Narrators from various countries,Are all excitedly talking about such a wonderful game。 The last three minutes of the second quarter,Shen Huan turned on the abuse mode。 But before20About minutes,The main players of the two teams played very well。 Especially Shen Huan,It’s like a robot with a perpetual motion machine,He can […]

These police,Brother Yu doesn’t believe it,He dare to stop himself。

“Comer,Let this so-called fish brother and his people,Catch them all for me。” “It’s lawless,Knowing I am a policeman,Dare to be in front of me,Commit crimes in public,Just don’t put me in the eyes。” This policeman,Look at the person behind you,Cold road。 “Yes。” The police behind heard,One after another。 “Who dare?” “If anyone dares,Then come up and try?” Brother Yu heard […]

Xu Xuan’s heart is a little surging。

He has also played here before。 The Philips Arena in the regular season and the Philips Arena in the playoffs are completely different experiences! Listen to the cheers of the Eagles fans at the scene。 Let alone the intensity of the game,Just the aggression cheered by the fans is completely different。 In such an atmosphere,Few players who play the playoffs […]

Because Brother Cao really doesn’t know how to lie。

“Brother Cao……” “Ok?” “You are thirty,Time to let your hands rest!”Wang Yufei gave advice very sincerely。 The effect is obvious。 Cao Luping blushed instantly,In addition, Wang Yufei felt a tight waist,That’s a small piece of meat pinched by two fingers,The feeling after twisting a circle。 Okay,Does not hurt。 But some are annoying。 and so,When Wang Yufei took Lu Yuxin and […]