“And gifts?”Shen Ruoxi saw Qin Liang with a serious face,I feel a little lost in my heart,But when I heard that Qin Liang still has gifts,She couldn’t help but expect again。

What will Qin Liang give her?? Diamond ring?Diamond necklace?Or other precious jewelry?Is he making a formal proposal to me??Because before they were just fake marriages,Qin Liang didn’t give her anything。If you send it now,Is it a token of love?? In Shen Ruoxi’s expectant eyes,Qin Liang solemnly took out a very ordinary necklace from his pocket!One hanging on it is very […]


“cut!Who are you scaring?You have the ability!” Qin Liang smiled,Why is this swallow so funny??Such a naive threat can be said,Treat me like a kid? “Sister Ruoxi!” Swallow,Really yelled!she does not know;Shen Ruoxi is changing the dressing for Murong Shan in the dorm right now,Attention is all on Murongshan’s legs,I can’t hear anything outside。 “and then?” Qin Liang asked with […]

Ding Yi wiped the sweat from his forehead,Said:“A handful of people,How crazy like a child?”

Ding Yi didn’t stop him this time,But she didn’t move。 “Oh,Xiaofan,You came back from a business trip?” Mom said:“Don’t come back if you are busy,Your father and I are fine,How about Xiaoding?” Mom doesn’t understand what he means,Just said:“What do you congratulate me?I’m an old woman。” “What……what?Did you mean Xiaoding……” “what?Gosh,is that true?” “Gosh,Great、Great!Lao Jiang,Lao Jiang,Come here soon,Xiaoding is happy,Xiaoding […]

Di Guihe didn’t come back with Jiang Fan,Jiang Fan didn’t eat in Jin’an,But to rush back immediately。

Night,Has enveloped the earth,The night sky of Jinan City,Has been lit by Wanjia lights,On the east sky,There has long been a crescent moon hanging high in the sky,Tonight,It must be a clear night。 Jiang Fan sitting in the car,Some can’t hold back their joy,He repeatedly analyzed every word of Zhai Bingde in his heart,Every time I look at the content […]