Someone said:“Let Secretary Peng finish。”

Peng Changyi said again:“Folks,Our mood is the same as everyone,All hope to solve the problem quickly,Still the sentence just now,Give us time。also,My suggestion was,Once you want to go out to sue,Think of a problem first,That is,That means you have a great grievance,Finally, we must return to the negotiating table of our level of government.,In other words,Conflicts with family,In the end, […]


“Because what you said just now has broken Chang Yi,Sure i did something wrong。” “Humph,Still self-aware。” Although the tone is half a joke,But Peng Changyi still sweats on his back。 “Why is my throat dumb?,Drink some water first。”Xie Changyou asked。 “Ok。”Peng Changyi lowered his head to drink water。 Zhai Bingde said:“check it out。”Talking,Left a letter on the corner of the […]


Chapter six hundred and fifty seven difficult “.”How simple.Xie Yun pulled out his tie,Calm down。 “Pro treasure,You have to understand one thing first,these things,Invisible。The Zou family is gone because of this,The Xie family was almost gone,The saying at that time was that things were abroad。If it weren’t for the Xie family to donate money and start a school,How can the […]

“You go too。”

Ling Xiaoyun shook his head。The tone calmed down again,Said lightly to Qin Liang。 “Then i’m out……” Qin Liang said one last word to Ling Xiaoyun,Sigh in my heart,Turned around and walked out of the room with heavy steps,Shut the door easily,Then I looked at everyone around the door,Did not say a word。 “Why did you come out?You are not afraid […]

Peng Changyi said:“under normal circumstances,This is indeed a natural thing,A former customer came to inquire about the address of the clinic upstairs,Tell if she wants,Nothing to tell,But she asked me what my last name was,This is not normal,Especially after asking me,Still didn’t tell me where the clinic moved,You said,Can’t I see the flaw here??obviously,This is what Xiao Chen told the boss here,Keep the surname Peng secret,Especially my surname Peng is still a rare surname。”

“Oh——”Old Gu nodded subconsciously。 Peng Changyi continued:“In addition,As soon as I walked in, I found a strange thing,Dafan old store moving,Will post a notice on the original shop location,Tell the old customers the address of the new store,But I didn’t find any telling signs there,Plus, I asked for my last name,Front and back association,The result is naturally clearer。” Old Gu […]

Look like,The contrast is a bit big,Qin Liang couldn’t accept it immediately……

“how about it?Sister Shanshan,Is my little cat cute??Do you like me very much?” Seeing everyone looking at themselves with surprise,Liu Xiaoyun was proud in an instant,So she used a louder and more charming loli,Continue to talk to Murong Shan acting like a baby…… “Ok,Xiaoyun,I really took you!You are really amazing!Your little cat is really cute!I really like you!” Murong Shan […]

“It’s too damn exaggerated……”

Qin Liang said the same thing。 “Take as much as you can,Try to get more。“ Two small civilian officers who are responsible for helping tell everyone。 ”This time we have to work harder,Each person brings three short guns,Three spears,Take as many bullets as possible。“ Qin Liang especially urged everyone。 ”Boss,Choose yourself or?“ Yang Zhi asked, tilting his neck。 ”such,Except for […]

“this behavior,Scam,Should be caught and go to jail!”

“Correct,Call the police!Catch and go to jail!” For a while,Anger。 Young people who are still standing on the moral high ground,Speechless,Bowed their heads one after another,Hot red complexion。 I wanted to do me a favor today,Then get a share,But who knows,Actually messed up。 And the news media that were invited,Seeing that this side has the disadvantage,Close the lens decisively,Then they […]

Qin Liang won’t do it,Especially when it comes to the girls of the Shen family。The key is;He dare not do this……

“Yes,Brother-in-law’s advantage is what I admire most!Obviously he is invincible in the world,In front of girls but not machismo at all,I know it’s a girl,Praise!” Shen Ruoxue praises Qin Liang from the heart,I stretched out my hands and made a heart-felt movement。 “Ashamed……”Qin Liang said to himself secretly in his heart!In fact, he still has some male chauvinism in his […]