Ding Yi’s hand was shaking,Hurriedly shrank back,Don’t know,Jiang Fan jumped up,Pressed on her,Start kissing her……

Ding Yi did not express dislike,But did not respond to him,This is enough,As long as I don’t resist like a hedgehog,Jiang Fan is satisfied。 Jiang Fan’s tongue and hands are no longer idle,Ding Yi frowned,Obviously reluctant to do this。 But Jiang Fan can’t manage that much,He leaned in her ear and said:“Did not drink at noon today,Maybe drink it at […]

Soon the police began to shout,Let Jia Dongfang let go of the hostages and surrender。

Jia Dongfang grinned and said:“Let go of the hostages,Let Wang Yuan carry500See me,In addition,Give me a way,Let me take the hostage away,I will release people if I think it’s safe。” quickly,Wang Yuan appeared with a big pocket,Under the light,He rushed upstairs Jia Dongfang shouted:“Monitor,Are you coming down or me up。You have been surrounded,Your only way to survive now is to […]

Qin Liang is going to start teasing Liu Rushi。

“and then?” Liu Rushi knew what Qin Liang was going to say later,But still pretending to be a fool。 “then……I hold you,Let’s eat snacks while watching TV……” Qin Liang continues to create romantic stories。 “And then?” Liu Rushi continues to play dumb。 “And then……I’ll give you another flower night in the bridal chamber you’ve been waiting for……” Qin Liang finally […]

Everyone started to move one after another,Five girls walk in the front,The others scattered around and followed them,Qin Liang kept inking till the end,Just swayed and followed。I don’t know if Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun’s looks are too high,And the other three girls beside them are all beautiful women,So on their way,Tourists only need to see them,Will take the initiative to make way for them,So even though there are many people in the swimming pool,But everyone’s speed

Degree is not slow…… But no one thought of going ashore in the water,That’s not faster,Even Liu Xiaoyun is busy talking to everyone,And ignored the problem。 “mom,These two young ladies are so beautiful!” A child’s clear voice rang,Caught the attention of people around you instantly,It turned out to be a little girl lying in a swimming ring,I saw Shen Ruoxue […]

Go over and make sure,It really is a soul fruit,It seems they are going to make a lot of money,This kind of thing is totally unattainable,I am afraid that even the Murong family may not own it。

Xia Chenglong waved his hand,Awkward smile:“congratulations,Starting tomorrow, one step closer to killing me。” The effect of soul fruit is too tempting,Whoever owns it can have a shortcut to the strong。 There are only three mature ones on the tree,I’m afraid it will be possible for decades,There is an unwritten sentence circulating on the mainland,Roots must be retained,So they only need […]

Surprised eyes!

“I don’t know what’s going on……I found someone handed me a note,Just followed。How could you get caught?”Fang Yu asked。 “They are looking for you,I don’t know the details……Who did you offend?” Ji Yu Doubts。 “do not know!I will do the operation quietly——dorm room,Two points one line!” Fang Yu waved his hand。 Don’t know what’s going on。 “You have a way […]

Obviously the clubs in China have more chances to play。

“From China Super League to China League One……also。”Wang Shoude nodded。 Luo Kai just got up to say goodbye to the general manager,Then walked out of the office。 He looked at the direction of the empty training ground,Clenched fist。 I will catch up with you,Hu Lai! ———— Chapter Seventy Eight new contract In the following days,Hu Lai really looks like her […]

Song Min replied。

“I’m not going,I am afraid of the dark,How dark is that underground。” ———— Chapter three eight hundred and thirty eight That is my sister Remember one second【Book fan building .tw】,Wonderful free reading without popups! Chapter three eight hundred and thirty eight That is my sister Shen Ruoxi idiot replied。 “Sister Ruoxi,The underground is brightly lit,How could it be black,Do you […]

“My goodness!did not expect!Really never expected!It turns out that Director Yang and Captain Mei are both Shen’s sisters!admire!I really admire you from my heart!”

Director Tian said with bright eyes! “Thank you……” Yang Shiyun said thank you in addition to expressing modesty,I don’t know what else to say,Plum just laughed,Don’t speak。 Qin Liang started calling Shen Ruoxi,Describe things briefly and concisely,Then I called Yanzi again,I told Yanzi specifically;Not only she and Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun must come with Yuer,And this time“Come back home”As the first […]