Jingdezhen Wenxiao integration highlights new temperament

  A history of Jingdezhen, half ceramics. Entering Jingdezhen, a street, a lane, a bridge or a porcelain, or a porcelain, or a ceramic culture is everywhere, and it is deeply integrated into some soil.

  "It is necessary to build a new national ceramic culture inheritance in Jingdezhen, and build a new platform for foreign cultural exchanges" to the development of historical orientation for Jingdezhen, and painted a beautiful blueprint.

In July 2019, the State Council officially approved the "Implementation Plan of the National Ceramic Culture Inheritance Innovation Zone" in Jingde Town, which clarified the development positioning of "one center" and two stages of development. In the early summer of 2021, Jingdezhen ushered in 2021 Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Industry Development Conference. Jingdezhen Municipal Committee and Municipal Government have taken a variety of measures to take a variety of measures to accelerate the pace of cultural integration development, increase the excavation, integration and improvement of ceramic culture, and explore a "cultural + tour" depth integration with Jingdezhen characteristics. The road to innovation and development, depicting a colorful picture of "beauty, thick morality, town life".

  Beautiful scenery "One One Belt Wings" all-domain tourism pattern natural scenery creates poetry and paintings, and the creation of humanities and landscapes is more connotation. The old factory, the old kiln site, and the old miles are the "live history" of the millennium porcelain. On the basis of repair protection, these "live history" has become a broad stage of Jingdezhen transformation and upgrading. Today, Jingdezhen, the highlight of the transformation is frequent: Tao Xi Chuancheng District is included in the first batch of China Industrial Heritage Protection Directory, Jingdezhen Yuyao Museum won the 2017 Future Architecture Award "Best Cultural Architecture Award", Jingdezhen cultural brand benefits gradually appear, Cultural tension is further released.

  The overall improvement of Jingdezhen has improved the ancient kiln scenic spots, Float Ancient County, Gaoling · China Village, Hongyan Wonderland, Jiangxi Helicopter Science and Technology Museum, promoting ceramic culture, tea culture, eu stage culture, landscape ecology, contributing and leisure and aviation The transformation and upgrading of the industry; enhances the green land, Changnan, Famous Garden, Ceramic Zhizhi Workshop and Tao Xi Sichuan Chunqiu Dado, Space, Live Base, Night Market Construction Level, to create a variety of ceramic cultural tourism products.

Vigorously promote the Phase II, Phoenix International Conference Center, Kilwalk, Impression, Gaoling · China Village, etc.

Introducing "Night Tour Changjiang" "Night Tour Sanbao", enhances the level of "Watermark Floating Liang, Ancient Temple", "Fei Yao Ying Yue" and other activities, vigorously develops night tour economy. Promote wisdom tourism, in order to let tourists realize "Pocket Tourism", Jingde Town relies on "5G + artificial intelligence" living room, built a smart tourism platform, realize "one machine in hand, swim porcelain".

  Jingdezhen deep excavation pottery tea culture, red culture, green culture, vigorously develop ceramic industrial tour, rural tour, ecological tour, aviation tour, vigorously develop "personalized custom + participation experience + cultural tourism" ceramic cultural tourism new business, new model, Create a new pattern of tourism.

At present, the red tourism, Wenbo Travel, rural tour continues to heat up, the ceramic industry is two strong, digital consumption, information consumption, green consumption, etc. Therefore, the city basically forms a city ceramic culture core area, Changjiang Baili scenery belt is a belt, floating beam, music is the "one part of the two wings" all-domain tourism pattern. "Thick German" in the International Porcelain Side Town, the world’s dialogue, is not only reflected in the world of urban shaping, but also in the international fan of the cultural soul, such as Tao Xi Sichuan Street, Cultural Creative, International Exchange, The site is integrated, and has become a new landmark in Jingdezhen.

Tao Xichuan held a variety of activities such as Spring and Autumn Edition, international concerts, etc., attracting hundreds of foreign tourists and artists to exchange creation. Taoxichuan International Studio gathered more than 300 artists from more than 60 countries and regions.

Jingdezhen attracted more than 500 entrepreneurs from all countries such as Britain, France, Congo, Netherlands, Turkey.

  In terms of foreign exchange cooperation, Jingdezhen held a series of high-standard ceramic exchange activities in Germany, South Africa, Netherlands and other countries, organized a series of cultural promotion activities in many countries, causing a large response.

At the same time, relying on the world’s handicrafts and civil art capitals and the United Nations platform, the International Friendship City Tourism Alliance, Jingdezhen has played the advantages of establishing friendly relations with more than 180 cities in more than 72 countries. "Going out, 上海贵族宝贝sh1314 please come in" , Extensively carry out multi-level cultural exchange activities, actively integrate into the construction of "all the way".

During this year, during the May 1st, Jingdezhen received 10,000 visitors, the year-on-year growth rate, the total tourism income billion, the year-on-year growth, strong development of the tourism market.

  In addition, Jingdezhen adheres to the "Text-to-Television, Taking Travel", and vigorously develops a new situation in the development of studying tour, opening the integration development of the brigade. More and more foreign artists and ceramic enthusiasts go to Jingde Town to study tour. Every year, there are nearly 10,000 people in Jingdezhen, there are more than 200 ceramic research bases. Jingdezhen Ancient Kili Folk Expo is named as the first batch of Jiangxi Province. Primary and 上海桑拿保健网 secondary school student research practice education base.

Development of new tourism agents represented by research trips, opened a new chapter in the prosperous development of Jingde Town.

  The new painting of the town life literary depth is in Jingdezhen, you can float in the green water in Qingshan, feel the history and cultural atmosphere of the floating beam; along the ancient kiln folk fair area, the Yang kiln National Archaeological Site Park, Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum, Famous Garden walks through the road, understand the history of the development of the ancient ceramics; go to Sambo International Porcelain Valley to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the country, feel the simple people, visit the hand-made porcelain technology of Chuangke. Everyone can enjoy their own "town life". In order to enrich the tourism elements, Jingdezhen vigorously built "eat in Jingdezhen", launched the "Jingshi" food such as Changnan Porcelain Banquet, Float Tea Banquet, Samura Village Banquet, and forming multiple food street. Create "live in Jingdezhen", create a number of high-star hotels, green hotels, cultural theme hotels, boutique budgets and rural inn. Create "purchase in Jingdezhen", develop Jingdezhen ceramic characteristic cultivation products and ceramics.

Create "Row in Jingde Town", improve tourism traffic, increase domestic routes; open up Beijing Daxing International Airport, Nanjing Lukou International Airport route, increase high-speed rail shift; Hongyan Town Sakura Avenue realizes the whole line, Jing Yao line, Xiang official and other travel Highway renovation improvement. Create "Entertainment in Jingde Town", vigorously carry out publicity activities such as "non-legacy shopping festival", organize large-scale pull-back handmade porcelain crafts, Le Ping ancient game production, floating beam Kung Fu black tea production, etc. Exhibition. The smoke, the light sea is beautiful, and a melodious song is coming with the breeze. Yaohe Waters and Shadow Graphics, Water Stage Family Song and Dance, Tourists in Qingshi Ancient Roads. Large porcelain tea water and land experience show "Floating Yao Ying Moon" brings a viewing feast. At present, Jingdezhen has a national AAAAA level scenic spot and 11 national AAAA-level scenic spots. Each scenic spot has a characteristic, and the cultural fusion effect is constantly appearing.

  "Beauty, Thick, Town Life", with the integration, combing, excavation, innovation of porcelain rich multicultural tourism resources, Jingde Town will burst more vitality, glow out of unlimited, future Jingdezhen has poetic a deep depth There is a distant future.

  Source: CCP Jingdezhen Municipal Committee Propaganda Department (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei).


Investors generally "look" Liaoning

  Reporter Tang Jiali reported recently, China Bond Information Network said that in 2021 Dalian local government refinance special bonds (Phase II) launched the bidding at 10:30 on November 4th, completed the bidding at 11:10. At this point, all government bonds in our province of 245.7 billion yuan were all issued, and the progress ranked nationwide.

  Local government bonds generally use important roles as a guarantee of local government’s financial revenue capacity, raising funds in regional steady investment, expanding domestic demand, supplement, and hedging economic fluctuation pressure.

To this end, the data indicators, issuance of the local debt issuance process, etc., often match the estate of the regional economic development in the region.

  This year, my country strengthened local debt credit rating management.

In the previous mention, 60 bonds issued in our province, all the highest levels of 3A.

"High bond rating has driven more strong subscriptions and enthusiasm of investors.

From the date of issue, the interest rate of Liaoning debts in various issues in the year reflects the recognition of investors to Liaoning debt. "The headquarters of the Shanghai Headquarters of Shanghai Headquarters" Bao Huan "

  The lower interest rate level can not only reduce the cost of 上海大宝剑攻略 the issuer, but also one of the markers of the bond high "heat". "The average interest rate of bonds issued this year is%, down 19 basis points than% of the compinion bond, and is at a lower level in the country." Zhao Yang, the staff of the Provincial Department of Finance, said. The marginal multiple of the bonds is an important technical indicator of the bond market. The greater the value, the stronger the investor "shot". As of November 11, the nationwide government has issued 1852 bonds, and the bidding between the two bonds in our province is doubled and doubled, ranked 2%. The "Liaoning bid bidding marginal is higher, reflecting the market for the development of Liaoning economy in recent years, and revitalizing the development results.

"Bao Huan said.

  The 上海虹口有kb的足浴店 government bonds issued by Liaoning expect high, strong confidence, not only professional investors.

This year, our province has an open government bond secondary market to individual and SME investors, divided into 3 billion yuan commercial bank counters, and raised funds will mainly be used in our province’s rural residence. Among them, the counter debt issued on October 11, the sale is over half a day, and after 15 o’clock on the 14th. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Liaoning Province Branch of the underwriting quota of 20 million yuan, sold in more than 2 hours. "After the sale of the work, there are still some people to consult the next office", "said the general manager of the banking institution’s financial business unit, and many people expressed the attention of the bond capital investment. I believe that the hometown economy will be better. With this aspect, our provincial government bonds have also achieved many effectiveness in promoting economic development of Liaoning.

This year, I issued a new bond 32.3 billion yuan, of which 4. billion yuan in major projects was used to promote the effectiveness of 321 infrastructure and other fields, and the investment of more than 20 billion yuan; the release of 19.6 billion yuan support small and medium-sized bank development bonds, supplements Liaoshen Bank and 37 rocominations of 37 rural and civilian agencies; replacement bonds issued, each year can reduce the fundamental financial interest expenditure of 1.4 billion yuan. "In the future, with the solid promotion of the structure of the structure" three big articles "in our province, ‘Digital Liaoning, Zhizhiqi" accelerate construction, the market’ Liaoning’s confidence will be more enhanced. "The Provincial Finance Department is responsible People said.

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Jilin Province 杨浦油压会所 implements "famous" creation project

Original title: The province’s implementation of "Mingtou" creation project is to effectively solve the problem of food safety related to the daily life of the people, help the high-quality development of food processing small workshops, this year, the provincial market regulatory department has started implementation "Mingtte" "Food Processing Cumber Creation Project. Formulated the "Jilin Province" famous "food processing small workshop creation project implementation plan" and creation test 上海外卖工作室预约 details, clearly cultivated 670 well-known, excellent, and special food processing small workshops in the province, and after passing the assessment, Each small workshop issued 10,000 yuan renovation enhancement prize funds.

Up to now, 670 food processing small workshops have all passed the acceptance of the provincial and cities and counties.

  Since the implementation of the project, the market supervision department at all levels has adhered to the high standard strict requirements. In the recommendation selection, according to the principle of voluntary registration, public selection, the principle of publicity publicity is determined; in the transformation and improvement, the on-site guidance is required. Support, responsibility to people; in the evaluation acceptance link, the county (district) bureau is 爱上海龙凤同城论坛 required to be covered, the city (state) review acceptance is not less than 50%, and the provincial hall check is not less than 10%. Through the implementation of the creation project, pull the owner of the small workshop to invest more than 2,500 million yuan, the processing conditions of small workshop have been significantly improved, which has strong promoted the transformation and upgrading of small workshops. At present, there have been 54 food processing small workshops to transform to enterprises, there are 51 small The workshop planned to upgrade to enterprises, and promoted the province’s food processing small workshop to "small and beautiful, small, small and small", and play a good lead and demonstration role. (Reporter Xu Mu Flag) (Editor: Li Siwei, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.


Jiangmen 590,000 employee online sea election 30 "micrologabulms"

This newspaper (Reporter Ye Xiaobang correspondent Hou Pingchuan Yan Jing) reporter learned that in the Guangdong Jiangmen City Federation of Trade Unions "I have practical practice", the first two batchs included in the city’s total "people’s livelihood" 30 small "micrologabed" has all been completed. These practical items are selected by the employee members. According to the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Jiangmen Municipal People’s Congress, Chairman 上海kb足浴 of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Jiang Dada, Jiangmen City, launched the "Minsheng Tabo University" action in April.

In the early stage of the project, the city’s total party visited the research, and widely collected the advice of trade unions and employee, and formed a preliminary project.

Then take the form of online votings to handle the decision to 5.9 million trade union members registered in the real name of Jiangmen Smart Union platform, and determine practical items according to the rankings.

In the first batch of practical projects, the voice is the highest, the ranking is "establishing a public legal service platform for Jiangmen Smart Union Workers Workers." Responding to the voice, Jiangmen City’s total relying on Jiangmen Smart Trade Union platform has built 上海私人工作室微信 the employee public legal service platform, all-weather, free legal advisory services for employees.

Since the launch of this year, the platform has provided 379 free legal consultation services for employees.

Jiangmen has more than 300,000 migrant workers, and the child hosted is the "riot" of enterprises and employees, so it has also become a practical item that trade members hope to solve. To this end, Jiangmen City Chief Women’s Tart Offices take migrant workers as key service objects, and gives employees for non-public enterprises to support 5,000 yuan of financial support for each class. During this summer, the city carried out 20 children’s children and 20 summer camps, and the children of migrant workers accounted for 80% of the number of managed people. The reporter learned that 30 上海水磨工作室价位 "Tabo University" also included suggestions to the President of the Trade Union, funding 500 medical staff to enhance professional skills, send a friendship for single employees, build outdoor workers, and implement labor model treatment.


Jingdong double eleven battle report: Xiaomi glory Hua is flagship mobile phone sales exceeds 4 times Jingdong double eleven battle report – mobile market

[Abstract] Jingdong global love season welcomes climax ceremony at 8:00 on November 10.

  Jingdong global love season welcomed the climax ceremony at 8 o’clock on November 10.

  It is reported that Jingdong mobile phone 上海桑拿 communications will have four hours of hot snapped up, including millet, iqoo, oppo, glory, Huawei, Vivo and other brand high-end flagship mobile phones have refreshed the past record and new high. Jingdong data show: Xiaomi, Iqoo, Oppo, glory, Huawei, VIVO high-end flagship mobile phone strength, and the sales of sales over 4 times the four times all day on November 11 last year in Jingdong. The bright-eyed results show that in the context of consumption upgrades, all high-end flagship mobile phones have become "robbing their goods" in the market. With the upgrading of China’s manufacturing, brand product operation thinking is mature and consumption upgrade, more and more mobile phone brands are moving forward with new thinking patterns, and high-end flagship phones are also accelerating the new favorite of consumers. Under 龙凤论坛娱乐地图 the promotion of emerging market consumers, the new tide consumption method of all channel purchases is 上海洗浴论坛推荐 highly sought after. Jingdong home, the same price under the main line, also ignited the enthusiasm of users.

  According to the data, Jingdong’s home turnover is over the day last year. The number of users who choose mobile phone in Jingdong’s home will increase by 7 times year-on-year. It can be seen that the user will purchase mobile phone to buy mobile phone in the purchase of mobile phone. Love machine adds a guarantee.


Jinchang strengthens water resources supervision guardian city "lifebid"

Original title: Jinchang strengthens water resources supervision city "Life" in accordance with "Who Mining, Who Governing, Who Restoresses" , Effectively protect the stability of the river, smooth flooding. Jinchang City implements water 上海黄浦油压浴室kb management system, and do four key tasks of rational partial water, control water, scientific water, and ecological water.

According to the requirements of the "Party and Political Persuits" of the Lake to protect the "Party and Political Switch", Jinchang City has established the main person in charge of the Municipal Party Committee as the chief guide, the main person in charge of the municipal government as the total scheduling "Shuanghe Long" and the municipal government team member served as the main river reservoir The working mechanism, established the tissue system of the four-level river lake leader in the city county. The city’s 217 rivers and 12 lakes are included in the rivers and lake long system, with a total of 30 total rivers, 241 rivers, 31 lake leaders, establish and improve the river long-term responsibility system, and continue to carry out the rivers and lakes " Special actions, investigate the "four chaos" issues of the rivers and lakes 315.

Jinchang City strictly controls the "three red lines" of water resources. The 上海千花论坛 total amount of water in the city has decreased from 100 million cubic meters in 2017 to 2020 billion cubic meters. The effective utilization factor of farmland irrigation water is reached. Continuously strengthen the protection of the waters, maintain the rivers and lake ecological functions, strictly involving the river project examination and approval procedures, and review the river projects such as roads, bridges and pipelines through the rivers, and review the approval as required. Continuously increase the comprehensive management of water, implement project construction of flood control, river rectification, river bank greening, wetland park protection, 32 kilometers of the western river, Beihai wetland and spring field; implementing the East River, Jinchuan River, Xida River and other rivers Flood control governance 上海龙凤桑拿419论坛 project, governing 23 km from the river, 40 kilometers from the new embankment, 23 km of Dredging the river road. At the same time, the combination of multi-frequency inspections and assault inspections of key rods, illegal sand-bearing sensitive river sections, does not regularly inspect the river law enforcement inspections, problems found in the inspection, in advance, prevention and control, No.

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Jiangxi Jincheng County: "Pointing" synchronization is a hurry to promote

Millennium Gu Yu, Jiangnan Book Township.

Since the study of party history, since Jinxi County, Jiangxi Province, Jinsheng County has adhered to the "point line" synchronization, and it is very difficult to advancing. Promote the construction of "five government" and practiced the purpose of the people. Targeting the "entry point", "anxious" "" "Do it" originally as long as the heavy rain is heavy, the school will happen, and there is no such problem after the drainage system improves.

Teachers and students can be at ease, and parents are also assured! "Huang Guosheng, president of Yongshan School, Jinxi County.

Education is the foundation of Minsheng. In terms of education, Jinxi County multi-roots, investing in "Real Gold Baiyin" billion funds for the new construction, Xinhu Primary School expansion, and the overall improvement of the second China campus, and the county has increased degree 4,610. . In addition, through the recruitment, "three orientation" cultivation, high quality talents introduced more than 160 teachers, and continuously strengthen the power of teachers. At the same time, the "double reduction" work is promoted, and the student’s hosted coverage is 99%.

"This basketball court is really good, close to home, I can often play the ball and exercise with friends." In the Basketball Court of Jingshan Park in Jinshan County, the public, Mr. Liu, thumbs up. In order to meet the people’s fitness requirements, Jinxi County vigorously implemented sports projects, investing nearly 8 million yuan to build a new social football field, 2 of the door coupons, and build more 500 pieces of fitness equipment for the community (village); The national fitness network and urban community around the county, township, and villages, 15 minutes of fitness circle, per capita sports area m2; National Fitness Center Construction Project has been included in the county’s 2021 key project construction project.

In response to the problem of "medical treatment", this year, Jinxi County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Building, Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Service Center outpatient building and disease prevention and control center building have been put into use, and the overall relocation of the county people’s hospital is actively promoted, "Silver Doctors" "The project is fully enabled, the county-level smart hospitals have successfully built, simplified the medical process, improves settlement efficiency, and greatly facilitates the masses.

In doing practical things, the county party members and cadres actively actively, actively actively, with the spirit of staples, and promote the list of three-level task for the masses. Up to now, the county straight unit and the township party list have completed 205, the completion rate is 85%; the task of the party branch has completed 973, the completion rate is 89%; the party members and cadres’ personal tasks have completed 5,709, 91% completion rate .

Ruand the "connecting line", "" "Yi", "we come here in the afternoon, because the business has not yet been completed, the staff will provide us with an hour of delay service, thank you very much!" Mr. Yu, who came to do, frequently like the Jinxi County Government Service Center. In order to solve the problem of "difficulties" on behalf of doctors, Jinxi County is closely around the reform of government service reform, and upgrades service facilities to improve work efficiency.

The Government Affairs Center has established a 24-hour convenience service self-service terminal and service area, and the normalization of the delay is not allowed to make 365 days. At the same time, in the innovation application, breakthrough, the first province’s first realization window mobile payment, the first province’s first establishment and punish intelligent service area; in the convenience service, the county township (district) established convenience Service center, 149 administrative villages (community) established an convenience service station, basic realization of village (community) convenience service representation point full coverage. In order to alleviate the "parking difficult" of the masses, Jinxi County will be separated from the public land left by the demolition and dismantling, and the pond is integrated, and it is integrated into the vegetable and built a convenient parking lot.

At the same time, "all the way", the parking lot of the institutions, the parking lot of the institutions is also open.

The county has a total of 2120 parking berths this year, 400 temporary parking spaces. In order to resolve the problem of "difficulty" in the community, the county read "five characters", that is, Qing (cleaning the vegetable field, sanitary corner), dismantling (dismantling chaos), change (change the wire, network cable), repair (Repairing the groove and cover, damage pavement and flower beds, building protective bars, etc.), installed (install electronic monitoring equipment, sports fitness instruments, centralized charging piles, etc.). Since the beginning of this year, more than 40 communities in the county have completed more than 25,700 square meters of ground hardening, and the electric vehicle centralized charging piles were installed in more than 10 communities such as the mountains, eliminating the safety hazards of residents. At the same time, the owner committee will be produced, and the 上海花千坊官方网 community party members, the building is long, the network, and the civilized practical volunteers, etc., together, together to create a safe, clean, clean and beautiful community environment. Broaden the service surface, "I hope" things "real" office "home pension service center often has a doctor’s sitting, it is good here, all the samples are complete, all of them are satisfied!" Recently, Lufang Village Lu Yinhua I came to the home pension service center early in the morning, do the legs of the legs, watch TV, chat, and enjoy happiness.

Jinxi County actively promotes the construction of home pension, so that the old man is happy, the old people have, and the old doctors.

In the deep concern, "pension is difficult", and the county has built 13 township public nursing 上海杨浦4店油压会所 homes and 4 people in the county town, 812 in the entire aged buddy. Introducing 1 "Smart Nursing", two community embedded pension institutions, built a mutual aid rural happiness home, built ancient house activation +, township +, corporate title + home pension model.

"The masses are expected, that is, we have to do." For the masses, Jinxi County broaden the service level and improve service quality.

For example, in order to crack down on "anti-fragments", Jinxi County multi-pronged, lay the anti-electric fraud, and put "combine punches". The county political law committee took the lead in cracked up 35 cases of telecom fraud, and 10 "two cards" black gray gang gang, and the amount of 394 million yuan, returned to the victims of more than 90 million 上海虹口水磨会馆 yuan, protect the masses "money bag". In order to rectify the "difficulties", the county has a special rectification of the business environment, and the overall industrial enterprises above the county have realized the leadership of the leadership. Since May, the county party committee secretary, county magistrate, executive deputy magistrate, the Standing Committee, the deputy magistrate, etc. .

Jinxi County has a well-preserved Jinxi ancient city, and there are also a plurality of 派 建 古.

In the real thing, the county is suitable for local conditions, and the old house is repaired and activated, and the ancient Village of the ancient village has been promoted from the transformation of "resources to assets, capital, funds". The 2208 ancient buildings levied through public listing The way has become a valid asset, and the county government has issued 4 ancient villages’ operation rights, and the "Ancient Village Finance" is issued, and the cultivation is achieved through the value of ecological product value. Heart is possessed, and the warm service is practiced in the line. Zhang Wengui, secretary of Jinxi County Party Committee, said that Next, Jinxi will continue to focus on the problem of the masses, enrich the list of key people’s livelihood projects, and help the village revitalize, serve "one old and a small", to help life difficult people in the people, Bearing the mission, let more people enjoy more bonus and results in the "Damei Jinxi" modernization.


Jilin fire rescue team 1 collective, 3 personal evaluation of national emergency management system advanced model and fire-fighting loyalty

The National Emergency Management System Advanced workers 上海金山水磨实体店 were born in Yanjun, the Communist Party of China, born in September 1977, in December 1995, is currently the assistant for the four weft fire rescue detachment of the 4nd Weilu Road, the four weft fire rescue station.Rongliyi 浦东桑拿会所全套 work 1 time, second-class work 3 times, three-class work 7 times, won the "National Outstanding People’s Police" "China Good Man".In the past 27 years, he has always fought the first line of fire fighting and rescue work, forgetting death, charges in front, accumulating more than 5,600 fire fighting and rescue battles, rescuing more than 700 times, rescuing more than 420 people in danger.He is not only the true hero on the battlefield, but also "universal hands" in the field of fire equipment. For many years, he maintains countless vehicle equipment, saving a large number of maintenance 爱上海会员验证发贴区 costs.


Jiangsu Qidong seven-year network staff wrote 800,000 words people’s relations diary: the heart of the folks, I understand

Ni Bo Cang (middle) was awarded "2021 national rule of law".

Qidong Political Law is a picture of a small house, and it has collected a joy of a village;"This text is the" 2021 national rule of law "awards party held on December 4th, the award word of Ni Boge, Ni Boge, a seventy-year-old man, Qi East, Jiangsu Province.The 73-year-old Ni Boge is an ordinary grid, a native netcher, Haixi Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu, is also an old party member with 47th.

In the past ten years, he self-study law and uses legal to help villagers resolve all kinds of contradiction disputes.

Come over these years, he has been awarded the honorary title of "The Top Ten Rule of Rule of Rule of Rule of Jiangsu" "The Top Ten Rule of Law" in Jiangsu Province.

  "The heart of the folks" Get up at around 5 o’clock every morning, and after eating breakfast is to take a village visit house, check the safety hazard, mediate the dispute between neighborhood. At night, he will take the details of the day in the "People’s Study Record Book", including the problems and solutions to the solution.

This "People’s Study Record Book", Ni Bo Cang, is ten years, with 37 pieces, 800,000 words.

It looks trivial, but it is not usually. "In addition to the problems found and solved in grid inspections, there are also relevant policies and regulations, village regulations, and always check it.

He said. Ni Bo Cang’s grid has a villager about 300 households, a total of more than 800 people, which makes his work less relaxed.

"The People’s Study Record Book" shows that Ni Boge has more than 365 affairs to the people a year, meaning that there is no less than 1 thing per day. "Small contradictions are every day, big contradictions.

The fastest contradictory dispute allows hours to solve the hour, the longest needs to mediate two or three years.

"He remembers, he has deducted 15 things in the past one day, starting from 5 o’clock in the morning, until 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. According to Ni Bo, he can enjoy the leisure life of his later years, why do you want to rush over?" I understand the heart.

"Ni Bo, answering this, some village culture levels are not high, do not understand the law, there is always someone to stand, help them, let their" difficult ", there is a place, there is a place.

  The reporter learned that as a leader of the first party group in the village, the first grid’s net whose owner, Ni Bo Cang has begun in the village in the village, and has successfully mediated more than a thousand contradictions. In order to facilitate the people to reflect the demands, in 2016, Ni Bo has established the first net-based personal mediation room in Qidong, Ni Boge Camination Studies. Ni Bo’s studio is like a small "village committee", the wall is hung on the work responsibilities, workflow, and personnel publicity and other information. He facing, there is a short parent in which "chicken fry garlic skin" is short, and there is also a tricky and complex case, history of historical case. Self-study law is a problem that the people can not solve the problems in the future. Why can Ni Ke Cang be "under"? "Self-study law is my secret, I don’t understand, how can I explain it with the people?" Ni Bo Cang said that in the past ten years, he persisted in the language of the language to popularize legal knowledge.

In his view, the premise of mediation disputes is to improve the penetration rate between the law in the villagers. In recent years, in the support of the relevant departments, he has participated in the "Rule of Literature and Art Exhibition Evolution Grid" "Tour Tribunal Grid" "Farmer Ping An Rule of Law School into Grid". The rule of law literary and art show that it created is even more familiar with the villagers, and he has also had the reputation of "Sanda Pu Ming".

  Into the home of Nikong found that here is more like office spaces, legal lecture: The publicity publicity content is posted, and the cabinets are filled with various legal books, and audio-visual equipment is available.

Ni Boge often carries out the case, legal knowledge lectures, etc.

"I have summed up a set of ‘three-hearted three-dry’ work method, that is, for the people, you can do it, do things, difficult to love and dry, dry, and carefully.

"In the face of this annual national rule of law, he said," as an old party member, serving the people is my life, I will continue to contribute to the rule of rural construction to contribute their own strength.

"" It is deeply related to the people 上海Spa工作室地址 of the people to prepare for the people. "

"In November, Ni Bo, received the banner sent by the village.

Previously, the disputes between the two villagers and contractories were contradictory.

More than 20 years, they are constantly arguing, not only do not solve the problem, but also complained.

At first, Ni Bo Cang made many time to mediate the unique.

上海大桶大398油压 In order to completely solve the problem of historical legacy, Ni Bo Cang not only carefully understand the problem of the problem of the dragon, but also reviewed the law of land transfer, contracting and homestead, there is legal basis for mediation.

A few years of contradiction finally reached a reconciliation.

"Land disputes like Shiji are not rare in rural areas, mediate such disputes, not only need to be publicized, but also from the perspective of the parties, humanity to do ideology." He felt. For Ni Bo, the obligation of the mediation contradiction is not easy, and sometimes it will encounter a closed door, but the contradiction between the people will always have people. "It is necessary to speak, but also to speaking, in order to solve the small contradiction in the germination state, slowly resolve the big contradiction, truly solve the problem in the grassroots level.

Only in this way, the society can be harmonious and stable, and the people can live in peace. "He said deeply.

  "Ni Lao is the advanced typical model of Qidong, and the example of our side, we have to learn his spirit, take the initiative to heat and fever, transform the learning achievements into powerful power.

We must use the example as a mirror, to the model, to build an ideal belief, be brave enough to make the rule of law to pursue the inner station, providing strong rule of law for strong beauty and high-tech. "The Standing Committee of Qidong Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the Political and Legal Committee said.

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Jilin Governor Bai County People’s Welfare Optimization Special Wudi Document Selection Path

Jilin Governor Bai County People’s Welfare Optimization Special Wu Decision Selection Path Border First-line Special Wu Decision Realization Specialization China National Defense News Wang Dapeng, Special Reporter Qiao Zhenyou reported: Changbai Mountain in the early winter is already silver-shelled. On November 12th, Dong Bai, a new member of Ji Bai County, Jilin Province, came to the office. He has the opportunity to enter the team of specialist cadres, benefiting from the county contract system full-time armed officer bonding mechanism.

In October this year, 2 special Wu officers in the county reached 39 years old.

Dong Jia Ning’s entry marked the formation of closed loops in the design of the county’s special military officers, and the county specialized as a specialization.

"At the foot of Bai Mountain Tianchi, Director Changbai County is the longest county of the border line of Jilin Province. Due to the heavy border management task, a group of annihilated grassroots armed workers should be needed.

Introduction to Mao Wei, the People’s Welfare Political Committee, in 2012, the Pharma Wood Department proposes to the county party committee based on the spirit of the higher-level documents, the border first-line special military cadres take a full-time circuit, the employment of the employees, the guarantee method, set 50 contract system specialist post From the excellent retired soldiers and the full-time armed officers of the contract system in the graduates of the current university.

After the Jilin Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Baishan Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government was approved, the county batch recruitment enjoys the contract system for career preparation.

The recruitment work has taken the combination 大龙凤419 of examination and investigation, led by the county people’s arms, joint organization, discipline inspection, personnel, and compilation and other departments. In the recruitment, they clarified the excellent retired military priority, party members priority, high education priority, local priority, minority priority, etc. "five priorities".

After the end of the assessment, the Party Committee of the Human Wudi reported to the county party committee to develop a list of personnel. After the expansion of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, the employees were determined, and the employees were determined and publicized to the public.

According to the contract agreement, the special Wu Dian did continued to 39 years old. This year, the first batch of specialized armed officers in 上海油压实体店体验 the county were changing the age.

In order to further smooth into and out channels, mobilize the enthusiasm of special Wu’s work, the county issued a policy: the county people’s social security department specializes in conducting civil servants and business editing (non-special Wu officers), excellent special military officers prefer; especially excellent The special Wu Dynasty, can be recommended as the deputy minister of township armed forces. "Specialization of specialization of special military universities not only effectively solve the problem of lack of grassroots armed workers ‘" strong ", and strongly stimulates the driving force of the grassroots armed workers’ business.

"Mao Wei introduced that the special military officer achieved specialization, the militia’s backbone team is more stable, and the training organization is more efficient.

Special Wudi Document is full of "riveting" in the grassroots armed job, and the key moments can quickly compile the militia. At present, the county militia emergency response team has participated in the border management and control, and the task of rescue disaster relief is nearly 100 times, and excellent results have been achieved many times.

Changbai County People’s Armed Forces were rated as the Campaign People’s Armed Forces Department and the comprehensive construction of advanced joint-level units, the party branch of the Military Commission was commended as the advanced party branch.