Wu Zunyou: New crown vaccine produces 80% to 90% protection effect

Wu Zunyou: New crown vaccine produces 80% to 90% protection effect

What is the vaccination of new crown vaccines, is vaccination? "For new phenomena, researchers should explain to the people. The people understand, they will not panic.

"Wu Zunyou pointed out that the vaccine started to vaccinate, and the people will have a lot of problems. For example, everyone is a vaccination and worry that the vaccine is safe and effective. At this time, researchers need to make these problems clearly, according to the current people’s concern," The latest developments in scientific research have been answering in a timely manner, let everyone feel at ease.

"Through the first phase of the clinical practice, the safety of the vaccine is guaranteed." Wu Zunyou said that after the new championship was observed, 80% to 90% of the protection effect was produced. Multi-place epidemic show: there is a big risk in large-scale gathering. The dinner is very necessary.

Wu Zunyou pointed out that after the epidemic in the second half of 2020, many people’s prevention and control awareness is weak.

Some people do not wear a mask, perform large-scale gathering, dinner, and these behaviors have a big risk. Researchers should help the people tighten this string. When conducting popular science, they should emphasize normalization prevention and control, less gathering, less dinner, wearing a mask, and do personal protection.

Science spreads play an important role in fighting the epidemic "When a new infectious disease occurs, our awareness of this new infectious disease is constantly improving.

Popular work can help us spread this understanding to more people. When the people have awareness, they can convert to a conscious epidemic prevention behavior, form a good anti-optic atmosphere throughout the country.

"Wu Zunyou believes that we have recognized the spread characteristics of new crown viruses, we also have confidence in the epidemic, can take appropriate measures to prevent it. For the spread characteristics reflected by the new crown virus, we will deepen it, Develop some measures to prevent prevention.

Wu Zunyou pointed out that in the past year, we have formed a set of prevention and control measures. We have confidence to prevent the epidemic from recovering.