The State Post Bureau deployed the express service peak season: to achieve "two no", "three guarantees"

The State Post Bureau deployed the express service peak season: to achieve "two no", "three guarantees"

People’s Network Beijing October 22 (Reporter Yang Yupo) On October 21st The whole system should coordinate the development of the epidemic prevention and control and industry development, coordinate the domestic market and the international market, and the front-end and back-end balance to achieve "two do not" (all nets are not paralyzed, the important node is not exploded), "three guarantees" ( Washake, safe, keep it stable, steadily, continuing to play the core mechanism of "错 峰 delivery, balance promotion", adhere to the prevention and control and production operations, and ensure the quality and safety operation, end stability and maintenance rights And heavy, fully ensure the smooth operation of the peak season, strive to build a safe peak season, smooth season, warm heart season.

Chen Kai, member of the State Post Bureau, deputy director, pointed out that it is necessary to fully understand the importance and speciality of the peak season service guarantee work. Do a good job in the work of service security this year, it is an important manifestation of consolidating the development of the whole industry.

This year, the traditional feature is still existing. Under the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the external defense input, the internal defense rebound is not loose; the end of the mission is arduous, especially the delivery pressure is high; in the case of production pressure, Production safety, delivery safety, information security is more prominent; excessive packaging and other issues are very easy to attract social attention; while international delivery growth, international capacity demand will further increase.

In addition, the courier’s rights and interests are expected to increase. The end network stability risk is increased, and the high-quality service quality of express delivery is more concerned, and the problem of rural express service is concerned. Special circumstances such as electricity supply in some parts of China also appeared at the same time. The situation where new and old problems coexists need to be highly valued.

Chen Kai emphasizes that it is necessary to take effective measures to do this year’s peak season service guarantee work. To focus on safety, study and judgment the risk in advance, the epidemic prevention and control scale is not loose, the safety production standard can not fall, the safety emergency plan cannot be less, the temporary employment training cannot be lacking; to do a good job between upstream, political and enterprises, enterprises The connection between the promotion, the promotion of the delivery, the postal express delivery company must strengthen the information docking of the e-commerce platform, jointly implement the principle of "错 峰 delivery, balance promotion", to do a good job with the end service station enterprise, smart shipment box company, Maximize the role of end service stations, improve the use of smart shipment boxes, relieve stress caused by insufficient personnel, and give the user agreed before the box. Each express delivery company must deploy according to the State Post Office, and the relevant requirements to the grassroots enterprise, establish a work pattern of the three-dimensional interaction between the national headquarters, provincial, municipal levels, three-level enterprises, associations, and enterprises; all express businesses must establish improvement mechanisms , Learn from mature common delivery experience, through integrated resources, reduce the cost of peak season, improve production efficiency, to support the end of the joint distribution business during the peak season, do a good job in emergency mutual aid plan, interoperability, common place .

To take warm-hearted measures, maintain express delivery, during service security, the whole system should be more concerned about caring for express brothers, focus on "dispatching and noise", "fines and reduce" "complaints "Working, developing funds, ending measures, conflict resolution mechanisms and labor security measures, implementing national benefits, the policy of the first-line employee, ensuring the safety, smooth and orderly in the peak season.

It is reported that in the eve of 2021, the Spring Festival (February 1) is a total of 92 days from the eve of November to 2022.

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