Their "epidemic" story is very warm

Their "epidemic" story is very warm

Tang Zigang is in checking personnel information.

Zhang Shuai photo "Although the training, the first time wearing protective clothing, wearing more than ten minutes.

It’s familiar with it, just as simple as wearing clothes, you can wear it in 2 minutes.

"The people who talk are called Tang Zigang. It is the deputy director of the Sister Border Trade Zone (Work) Management Committee, and the seventh grid. During the epidemic, he was in the Skate Epidemic Command Transit Isolation Group Responsible for receiving, organizing, pushing, and organizing information on confirmed cases and their close contacts, secondary contacts.

When he saw him, Tang Zhighed was in the bridge of the bridge in the bridge of the bridge.

"Before and after, it is more than dozens. The workflow is familiar. In advance, in advance, in advance, in advance, remind the people to bring the necessary items, and guide everyone to wear a good isolation service, according to the presence of good vehicles in advance Board the car.

"For specific transportation, Tang Zigang is very relaxed. In fact, every time I isolate the transfer work, I have to spend a few hours before and after, I have to communicate with the people who don’t understand, and disseminate their nervous. mood.

Especially when I have an isolated transfer, I will not only check the information in advance, but also wear a good protective clothing to the shot on-site command until the last person boards the transshipment. After completing the work, you can take off your protective clothing.

Wearing protective equipment for a long time, the hands are immersed in the pan, and there is a deep mask row on the face … This year’s 47-year-old Tang Zigang has worked in the sister’s persons for 29 years, and the sister can say that .

The masses are very familiar with him, and they are willing to trust him. Every time the transfer work can be successfully completed.

When I asked if there is difficulties and danger of isolating the transfer work, Tang Zigang said: "As long as wearing a protective equipment, do self-protection, after work, it is not dangerous."

Besides, as long as the masses can be safe, this danger is nothing. "The only difficulty is to implement a protective clothing in the process of implementing the transfer task is a few hours, can’t drink water, can’t go to the toilet. "Tang Zhigang, who has made heart stent surgery, is very optimistic, and said.

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