State Post Office: Dragon Boat Festival holiday national investment express package exceeding 1.74 billion

State Post Office: Dragon Boat Festival holiday national investment express package exceeding 1.74 billion

Original title: National Post Office: Dragon Boat Festival holidays national investment express packages exceeding 100 million People online Beijing June 15th (Reporter Joe Feng) reporter learned from the National Post Office Sustain, high order operation, the postal express service business has a large increase.

  Data show, June 12th to 14th, the national postal express industry will receive a shipping package billion, which increased during the 2020 End of the Dragon Boat Festival, which increased compared with the 2019 Diffon Festival; delivered express package billion, year-on-year 2020 During the Dragon Boat Festival, the growth is increased, which increases to the 2019 Diffon Festival.

  The relevant person in charge of the National Post Bureau told reporters that the holiday industry has shown the following characteristics: First, the industry will continue to maintain high growth trend, the first 5 months of the express delivery business is close to 2017, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday national investment express package More than 100 million pieces.

  The second is that the demand for agricultural products such as fresh fruit continues to grow. Since May, the featured fruit has entered the maturity period, and the growth rate of fresh fruit delivery is obvious. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the courier package in rural areas is more than 100 million yuan, year-on-year growth. More than 30%. The third is to adhere to the "external prevention input, internal defense rebound" delivery channel epidemic prevention and control and effective, postal express enterprises fully implemented "During the prevention and control period, the postal express industry production operation standard (sixth edition)" and "post express industry epidemic Control and Pavement Service Guarantee Work Guide (Trial) "stipulate that strict strict strict overseas input and imported cold chain customs, the industry has not generated aggregated infections, and the epidemic has not spread through the delivery channel.

  Fourth, during the holiday period, the traffic channel is safe and smooth, strictly implemented "prohibiting the management regulations of the delivery items", putting the "three systems" of the delivery safety, implementing the falling falls in place; do a good job in maintaining the stability of the industry, highlighting the legal rights and interests of the courier And express delivery enterprise grassroots outlets; in-depth development of safety production special rectification three-year action and involving gun-out remediation as an opportunity, focusing on the safety management of transportation center, trunk vehicles, end outlets, no large-scale mail occurred in the whole industry Express backlogs delay and heavy safety production accidents. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang).