Ten minutes in the morning

Ten minutes in the morning

Guizhou Daily Heavenly Eye News reporter Nie Jianyun can do something 10 minutes? At the Six SAR Cardroom Service Center Vehicle Management Business window, the answer is the exchange of driving licenses.

"It is too convenient, from the medical examination, photography, online application to window forensics, 10 minutes, all business!" Recently, in the parking management business window of the Six Square Administrative Service Center, the driver Chen Na handed new and changed The driver’s license, full of joy: "I still remember the previous period of the new driver’s license, I spent a morning time.

"From one morning to 10 minutes, this change is benefited from the driver’s self-service inspection machine to land in the service center, implement medical examination, take pictures, and apply for" three stations ".

Since the development of the Party’s history, Saigan SAR Government Service Center has carried out in-depth development of "I do practical things for the masses", actively exploring the development of high-efficiency services, promoting government service, faster, fast, and efficient development. The efficiency of the vehicle management business in the government is a vivid episode of the transformation of the party history. In the process of in-depth development of party history, the traffic police brigade of the six-branch public security bureau focuses on the vehicle management business, and the driver is handled in the initial application, enhancement or expiration of the driver’s license. There is more time to go back and forth, and the time cost is higher. The Six Squiry Health Hospital has set up a driver self-service detection.

Adopting the "medical examination machine" through the hospital, the staff on-site guidance is used, the hospital’s background audit form, let the driver enters a door, once again. "In the past, the driver reached a new driver’s license, first went to the traffic police department to receive the physical examination form, and then to the designated hospital for medical examination.

After passing the medical examination, you need to take a photo, with a physical examination table to change the new driver’s license to the traffic control window. "Chen Fuhua, chief representative of the vehicle management window of the Six SAR SAR," Driver self-service medical examination machine to enter the government center, the people only need to carry an effective ID card, you can ‘a one-stop’ complete process, greatly saved the service time . "In the Six Sanzhuang Government Service Center, the masses under the help of the vehicle management business guidance, the medical examination projects such as vision, listening, distortion, etc. were queued, and the whole process was only in less than 5 minutes." Quality inspection After that, the data will be directly imported into the business system of the vehicle management, and the line is synchronized to the ‘traffic control 12123’ platform.

The masses only need to perform online operations on ‘traffic control 12123’ to complete the online operation of the vehicle management window.

"Introduction to Zhang Translation of Vehicle Management Business Guider Zhang.

It is understood that the driver’s self-service inspection machine has provided services for more than 2,300 drivers since its officially entered September 20.

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