Wen Jiangufacture Products: Heavy "Wen" also has to serious "quality" (cultural only)

Wen Jiangufacture Products: Heavy "Wen" also has to serious "quality" (cultural only)

  Wen Jiangufacture Products: Heavy "Wen" also emphasizes "Quality" (cultural only) Recently, the "Cultural and Tourism Department" issued "Some measures to further promote cultural and cultural and creative product development", "pointed out Put social benefits in the first place, realize social benefits and economic benefits, encourage development of cultural and practicality, adapt to modern life needs, in line with market consumption demand, once again emphasize the development of literary products to be both cultural Washing, more guarantees quality.

  In recent years, the scale of the cultivation of the literary product market has been expanding. From time to time, "Wen Jiang Snow Cake" is visible, covering the surface pattern without a different card U disk, printing a postcard with a number of postcards on the premium.

Poor quality, lack of creative literary products, reflecting the name of "cultural", and earning "fast money". Some consumers or blind enthusiasm for the literary product, or for the simplicity of "supporting traditional culture", for the "supporting traditional culture". In fact, despite the high cultural added value, Wenchuang products, the first is a product, the quality is its bottom line, whether it is cultural cultural relics, or other cultural product development main body, can not regard "culture" as product quality Purgent "Block". Cultural and cultural relics must strictly select cooperation objects and strive to ensure the quality of Condu products. Because a large amount of cultural products belong to food or daily necessities, this has given a higher requirements for its quality.

Because the main functions of cultural cultural relics are not producing, they will look for partners in the way they choose to cooperate or operate, and they should be more cautious when choosing cooperation objects.

Cultural and cultural relics and quality have a guaranteed old-fashioned or large-brand company "cross-border" cooperation is an effective way, and the cultural units provide cultural elements in the cultural elements in Wenchuang products. Enterprises provide products with exquisite skills. In addition to the cultural added value of the product, the product quality is guaranteed.

For the short ago, the "Guo Bo" gift box of China’s National Museum and the old-fashioned Tea, Wu Yutai, the "Flower Tea" gift box, the national library "," Baihua Map ", the style of the Qing Dynasty Qianlong Emperor, for the merchant The tea gift box adds the cultural connotation and the meaning of the collection, and the quality of the old name also guarantees that the "gold medal sign" of GuoBo will not be dragged down by inferior goods.

  Cultural cultural relics should actively innovate, open their ideas, and cannot only be only available to the production of "card" products. Condang products are the most taboo "text" and "create". Excellent Wenchuang products can integrate cultural elements to ensure derivative and re-creation on the basis of ensuring that their cultural elements are unchanged. As a product, "fun" and "attractive" can stand out in the market. Wen Jiang products shoulder the mission of propaganda culture. The design of the perfunctory thing will only be disgusted, and the heart can truly play the power of excellent cultural elements, so that more people don’t understand, consumers who are not interested in love with These cultural treasures. Such as the "Mystery Palace" series of puzzle games in the Palace Museum, in the background of real historical events, integrating Qingqing Palace cultural relics into it, playing "detective" by the reader, in the process of understanding "the secret of the Forbidden City ", Taking into account culturality and gay, being praised.

Many consumers learned that the second part of the publishing will choose directly, become the "backbone" of the product, many people are also interested in history and traditional culture.

  Unlike ordinary pipeline products, don’t be unique design and ideas are the lifetime of the cultivated products. However, long-term, pirated issues have seriously plagued the developers and consumers of Condu products. Strict supervision, strengthen intellectual property protection is imperative.

Not long ago, the archaeological blind box produced by the Henan Museum, because of its design entertaining, will experience the concept of archaeological excavation into the product design, and is loved by consumers, even hot to the online shop just on the line.

But the pirated pirated also brought great troubles to developers and consumers.

These "Li Guan" or claim to have an internal channel to purchase, or directly stolen the publicity map, but the product quality, content, and packaging are far from the genuine.

Many consumers live straight to "first". The infringement piracy, the mandatory authorization of the literary industry, the government and the supervision department must "strike the attack", which is especially protected by developers ‘enthusiasm, and the maintenance of consumers’ legitimate rights, but also the market The premise of long-term benign development.