Xinhuanet Review: These science and technology are fruitful, shining with boxing patriotism

Xinhuanet Review: These science and technology are fruitful, shining with boxing patriotism

  Ma Ruhu looked up at the scientific starry sky, the brightest "star" gave us the most moved.

  At the 2020 National Science and Technology Award Conference, Academician of China Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd., Academician and Tsinghua University Wang Dazhong received the country’s highest science and technology award.

Open their deeds, on the road of technology innovation, engraved with strong patriotic feelings. "Shi Dezhi’s Junlie, Chaoyuan’s Qingfen", "Gu Yufen’s life" Let the Chinese people own "with a fare, can compete" aircraft; when the country needs nuclear energy, Wang Dazhong resolutely chose nuclear reactor, never give up, Climb the peak.

From the young year of the shallies, they recognize that a goal is brave, and there is no one to do one thing. If there is no arms of the motherland, there is no infatuation to scientific research, it is difficult to do for decades such as selflessness, no regrets.

  Not just them, this award-winning package and academician team, Zhao Dongyuan’s academician team, a large number of scientific and technological workers are a model of patriotics. Boxing patriotic heart, chasing dreams, leading scientific innovation, giving birth to fruitful results. Many of these technological areas come from basic research. In the face of research "unmanned districts", basic research needs more technological workers "10 years to grind a sword" "Sitting in a cold bench". The motherland, serving the people, as long as the direction is right, it is not afraid that the road is far away; as long as you stick, the cold bench can be hot.

  A scientific history, in fact, it is also a spirit of scientists. Patriotism is the first essential to the spirit of scientists.

The historic achievements in my country’s science and technology are a generation of scientists who have been successively reported to the country. As Wang Dazhong said, "Science and Technology Innovation is our most important patriotic way", facing the urgent needs of building science and technology, the majority of scientific and technological workers should be practical, latent, and apply scientific and technological achievements in the great cause of national modernization. , Integrate life into the struggle of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  The old generation is full of Huafa, the new generation gradually grows, the only unchanged is the beginning and inheritance – 砥 "" Being a good country, what is not available for ", the place, the place, the mission, the mission.