Xinjiang "Hualam" homemade armor is cool

Xinjiang "Hualam" homemade armor is cool

  [Non-legacy story] Text / Tiang Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily reporter Liu Mengmeng’s birth in 1989 is a non-legacy of Urumqi, and there is 8 years of learning skin carving production. In her studio, all kinds of skinning works are placed, big to peel carving, traditional musical instruments, small to key bag, leather carving pendant & hellip; & hellip; Meng Wei in Xinjiang Young hi is studying Chinese painting, and the University is studying the design.

In 2012, she did not intend to see the leather carving on the Internet and was deeply attracted. When I was young, my grandfather often rushed to the horse plowing, the pattern used by the appliance, the sheath and other cortex, which was very similar to these leather engines, but I didn’t know that this craft called the skin carving. She said that in Xinjiang, you can see the skin carving skills everywhere, why not integrate them into the leather carving, make crafts? After careful consideration, Meng Wei resolutely resigned in the studio, and he did the skin carving. The skin carvings are consuming, consuming, consuming, from the selection, cutting, humming, engraving, engraving, hitting, dyeing, etc., involving hundreds of tools, and complex production procedures. At first, Meng Wei could only follow the video online. The raw material is very expensive. Once an error, the leather is abolished. Meng Wei said that in order not to waste materials, she spent a lot of time practicing basic skills, because the skills were not skilled in their hands, always new injured old injuries, fingers also deformed. In 2014, Meng Wei worships the national craft art master, China’s leather carving artist Zuwu (Li Sizhen) is a teacher.

Since then, her leather carving skills are in a lot.

Her work "Guran Dam" won the bronze prize of the 2016 International Pepper Competition, and the work of "Mukamam" was a third place in the 2018 International Leather Carving Competition. Not long ago, Meng Wei completed a wish.

  In the past few years, I often go to all parts of the country. I found that most of the museums are the weapons, armor, etc. in the museum, armor, etc. in the folklore, but there are rarely wearing the armor in life. Meng Wei said that from the time, she wanted to make a special armor. In the past few years, Meng Wei has accumulated the information while the information is accumulated.

  I can’t afford the real armor, I will use the cowhide’s scrap repeated version, from the drawing, engraving, dyeing to assembly, and take the armor for 3 months. Meng Wei said that after the production is completed, she tried to do itself and patted video on the Internet, and did not think about it. Many netizens live straight, it is Hua Mulan, how to be handsome & hellip; & hellip; in fact, from 2019, Meng Wei has passed the Internet to publicize the leather carving skills, with more than 20,000 fans on the designer website platform. .

Many people saw video looking for me to customize the skin carving. Meng Wei said. Meng Wei also taught the leather carving skills through the online line. In the future, her wish is to build a sculpture museum, attracting more people to pay attention to traditional skills, showing the beauty of Xinjiang.