Zhou Enlai gives a foreign guest "Mushroom Cloud" photo as a national ceremony

Zhou Enlai gives a foreign guest "Mushroom Cloud" photo as a national ceremony

  On October 16, 1964, Zhou Enlai announced the success of my country’s atomic bomb, and Zhou Enlai joined the whole unit. .

In his decades of diplomatic gift, it can be called a classic and later chanting. It is a photo of the first atomic bomb explosion in 1964 in October, October, October, October. The strange gift is given to the friends of many countries, which can be said that the generousness, the generous sense is deep, and it is called the "shock" national ceremony in the world.

  The successful explosion of the original bullets is proud of China, and sharing this successful joy with friendly state, and the atomic bomb explosions naturally become precious diplomats.

Zhou Enlai is this exquisite creative promoter and practitioner. Zhou Enlai took this photo as a precious diplomatic gift, directly or indirectly to Indonesian President Sucano, Mali President Modo Kaota, Albania leader Huox, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, and North Korea Leaders. The Romanian leader also received this photo.

These countries are all friendly countries with China.

When the foreign minister, Chen Yi, also gave some foreign friends to give some foreign friends, and made a good propaganda.

  According to the third decryption of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and officially disclosed by the Archives of 1961 to 1965 to domestic and foreign archives, the basic funds are recorded as follows – Archive number: 117-01236-04; Archives Title: my country An atomic bomb explosion photo gives a foreign leader situation; end date: January 1, 1964 – December 31, 1965; Secrecy level: Top secret. The following is the original text excerpt of the specific content: my country’s first atomic bomb explosion photo (6 per set) 1964: First, Chen Yi, deputy prime minister visited Indonesia, give a second, from Lai Ya Li with Mali Kaita President 1,955: First, March, Prime Minister visited Albania to give Huo Shiji, not only this, but Zhou Enlai also let this new Chinese atomic bombing test successfully play a greater role. On October 18, 1964, the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people’s old friends, "Xiking Man", the author of the author Edgar Snow, in order to understand the various achievements made by the Chinese people overcome the difficulties in the road, in France The new motion "Weekly reporter’s identity set foot on China’s land access. As early as the bonfire year, he is a blockade of the Kuomintang, the first to enter the Western journalist interviewed by the Red Soviet area led by the Communist Party of China. He introduced a real Chinese Workers and Agriculture, a political parties that sacrificed to bleeding for the people’s interests – the Chinese Communist Party and its main leaders, and with them (especially Zhou Enlai) deep friendship. Snow was familiar with Zhou Enlai. He is the most memorable thing to cross the Kuomintang layer blockade line to the Red Army in Northern Shaanxi. The first important Communist Party leader I saw in Yan’an and Snow is Zhou Enlai. At that time, I heard Zhou Enlai welcomed him in English, Snow was very surprised.

He couldn’t think of Zhou Enlai Yuezi, Wen Wenya, and the image of the Communist Party proprigible with the Kuomintang is completely a height. This time Snow arrived in Beijing, Zhou En came to see him, he was very happy. For the plan of Snow, Zhou Enlai suggested: "Your requirements are too broad. You ask for so many people, but talk about the problem or find those who have the first-hand material to talk.

"When Snow Zhou Enlai promised to interview with the requirements responsible for the specific officials of this nuclear explosion, Zhou Enlai did not avoid it, and the truth is true:" On the issue of the atomic bomb, I am a person who masters the first hand. "Indeed, Zhou Enlai is a decision maker and organizer of the new China atomic ability. His deputy, the name of the atomic bomb. Quite journalists’ professional sensitive Snow listened to the two sentences of Zhou Enlai, both eyes flashed excited Light.

He asked right away: "What is you talking about today, can you make a background material?" Ask, what is the content of their conversations can be published, and which content should not be immediately announced.

Sometimes, Snow also sent his own conversation record to Zhou Enlai, and he fully respected Zhou Enlai.

Zhou Enlai also trust Snow, and the content of the conversation is always very easy.

This often makes Snow can learn about other "internal messages" that are difficult to get foreign reporters in China. Those foreign embassies reporters are envious to Snow, often in listening to him "internal news."

  Zhou Enlai clearly tells Snow: "You can write articles.

"Then I deliberately laughed:" I am afraid I can’t wait until writing in the book? Snow smiled happily.

Such special news, Snow is too knowing that its timeliness and sensation and significance. "I can talk to you today, I can find a chance to talk to you in three or two days. But I declare it, I have to be at night." Snow nodded again and again. "OK! "Zhou Enlai to raise to Snow:" This time you go back, the US State Council must report to them. "" Not necessarily, it may be in 4 years. "

"Snow said that the previous experience is based on the previous experience. After the 1960 Snow visited China, the person in charge of the US State Department only talked about 12 minutes when he didn’t care.

After 4 years, the new State Council is responsible for talents and re-talking about his impression in China.

  "This time it will not, the time has changed.

"Zhou Enlai said affirmatively," The US State Hospital originally said that China exploded a small thing, there is no significance. However, after three or four days, I changed the tone, and now I have to be advanced than those who throw it in Hiroshima. Snow said: "I have went to security, when I visited you in the cave, I didn’t expect you to explode today.

Do you all play poker? I am thinking today, I took a good brand in your hand. You have a K (referring to the King of Afghanistan), two Q (referring to the Afghan queen of Afghanistan and Burundi Wang), a J (Kai Sik, the chairman of the Yiping of China, and A A (referring to the original bullet) was played on the table. "Zhou Enlai handed the photo of 12 calls in China to him. If he wants him, he will return to Switzerland this evening, publish these photos on neutral newspapers in neutral countries.

  The next day, Snow, Snow, who was honored, was happy with these precious first-hand information and Zhou Enlai returned to Geneva, and the 12 photos were published in Switzerland newspaper.

  Immediately, the various newspapers in the West have reprint these photos and reports. The major events of the "The People’s Republic of China have successfully exploded the first atomic bomb", so they once again sensited the world. (Excerpted from "No. 5" Party Shi Wenyuan "in 2018).