Yang Dong: Four "strengthening" practice makes life

Yang Dong: Four "strengthening" practice makes life

People’s Network Beijing, on October 29, the vice chairman of the electric Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the Director of the Public Security Bureau, the director of the People’s Network, and introduced the details of the Ningxia Public Security Organs to study the importance of the important training of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Deployment.

Yang Dong said that Ningxia Public Security Organs set off a learning boom, mainly reflected in the following three aspects: First, quickly convey the study, convene the public security organs "learning speech training to promote the education and rectification of the promotion" video conference, using "Ping An Ningxia" WeChat public account, 15 consecutive issues for the spirit of learning training words; the second is to lead the lead in the leadership, the public security organs at all levels through the party committee theory, the party branch "three sessions" and other forms, hierarchical, full coverage Organized learning; third, pay attention to learning effectiveness, standing in global thinking to examine political security, service to protect the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and crack down on illegal crimes, and deepen law enforcement standardization.

Yang Dong said that the spirit of practicing important training is to put "loyalty to the party" in the first place. As the public security organ of the ethnic area, it is necessary to strengthen political actions, and adhere to the absolute leadership of the party’s public security work as a fundamental political principle. To this end, Ningxia Public Security Organs adhere to "four strengthenings": strengthen political construction. The study of Ningxia Public Security Organs has issued the "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Political Construction of Public Security Team in New Era", establishing the "First Topic" system, and Xi Xi Ping General Secretary important speech and important training words, important instructions and Party Central Committee, Ministry of Public Security The Party Committee decision-making deployment is the "first topic" of the party committee. Strengthen the theoretical armed. Ningxia Public Security Organs held the honorary ceremony of the public security police in the district, held the largest "large-scale training" in Ningxia Public Security, and the largest "big road training", and post training.

Strengthen the rules.

Ningxia Public Security Organs strictly implemented democratic centralism, major issues requested reports such as "five must", strictly defain "seven have", and resolutely remove the "two sides" "ride". Strengthen implementation.

Ningxia Public Security Organs resolutely implement the party’s leadership to politics, ideological, organizations, etc., implement each link such as decision, implementation, supervision. (Editor: Zhu Ziyang, Yang Guangyu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.